How to be happy in life?

Building great relationships to our self and others leads to a better life!

Are you facing obstacles to a happier life?


Personal Challenges

Obstacles such as anxiety, depression and sudden life changes can all feel like barriers to a happy and harmonious life. In turn, these challenges can impact your work, social life and relationships. If left untreated, they can sometimes even impact your physical health. If you face any of these issues, or a few of them at the same time, I can help you navigate these so as to put your goals back into focus and within reach. Let’s get there together!


Relationship Issues

How we relate to others has a big part to play in achieving harmony and happiness. However, obstacles in relationships are almost unavoidable at some point or another. May it be communication issues or what appears to be a lack of deep understanding, not resolving issues that come up in relationships most often leads to resentment, and then to anger. This is a common phenomenon and you are not alone. Therapy can help! Find out more.



Trauma can be found most everywhere, and it’s not just what we know as “catastrophic events” that can cause this reaction. Repeated messaging from childhood can also cause this, as can childhood neglect and abandonment. Sometimes, trauma doesn’t “surface” until another triggering event occurs, such as a divorce or some other loss. This needs to be taken seriously. You can progress from trauma to a happy and fulfilling life, and I can assist you in this journey!


New Parents

Being a new parent can bring on challenges we had not experienced before. Having the support we need around parenting issues can be crucial to a smoother transition into parenthood. Part of my work is done with the perinatal population, which is the time before and after the birth of a child. If you feel like you are “not yourself” during this time, you are not alone. I would be happy to help bring you the support you need during this awesome but sometimes overwhelming journey!

How I can help you be happier

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Making change within ourself is a courageous thing to do. Without self-reflection, we cannot hope to change other aspects of our life. By taking this step, you will not only be changing your relationship to yourself, but also creating the possibility for change in all other aspects of your life.

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Most everyone will feel stuck in their relationship at some point. Struggles being on the same page and difficulty communicating are all common issues that couples encounter. Getting help navigating your life together can be a transformative experience so you can work on creating a relationship that feels secure and happy.

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Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma is most everywhere we look in our society. That it be childhood experiences that we still carry in our nervous system, or events that occurred later in life, it is important for today’s therapists to be informed and trained in trauma therapy. This is part of my work and I look to help heal clients who encounter this struggle.