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Most people have challenges in their relationships at some time or another. A lack of communication can lead to people not being on the same page, and if left unattended for some time, resentments can grow and start piling up. These resentments will most often lead to anger, and this can build up to a point where people feel like they can no longer hear each other. That’s when even small everyday frustrations turn into something that seem intolerable.


Through couples therapy, we will work together to discover the cycle of miscommunication that you and your partner are caught in and help process the resentment that has built up over time. Once we identify the most important challenges, we will work on increasing communication and harmony in the couple. 


One of the most gratifying things about undergoing couples therapy is seeing how all types of relationships can change once we understand how we react when faced with others. It can bring a new awareness that can be invaluable if what we seek in life is harmony with others. If this is something you think could be right for you, contact me and I will be happy to schedule a consultation to see how I can help you.

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