Hello, I'm Marie-Claude!

About me

I am a psychotherapist specializing in both individual and couples therapy.

Hello, I’m Marie-Claude. I am a licensed psychotherapist and offer both individual and couples therapy. No matter which you would prefer, both individual and couples sessions can work on transforming your life even if the road is slightly different. Once you work on figuring out your patterns and what you want to change in your life, a world of possibilities can open up for you, and this can both be achieved by either doing work on yourself or your intimate relationship.

My work is grounded psychodynamic therapy, which means that I believe that your past informs your present. Although this serves as the inspiration for my work, I will also bring in other types of therapies when needed, always keeping your goals in mind.

Additionally, I am trauma informed and trained in trauma therapy, including EMDR and resiliency. 

I have also trained to work with the perinatal population, as I find it crucial to be able to bring support to new mothers and fathers as they begin their journey into parenthood.

I am available for

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Individual Therapy

Making change within ourself is a courageous thing to do. Without self-reflection, we cannot hope to change other aspects of our life. By taking this step, you will be not only changing your relationship to yourself, but also creating the possibility for change in all other aspects of your life.

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Most everyone will feel stuck in their relationship at some point. Struggles being on the same page and difficulty communicating are all common issues that couples encounter. Getting help navigating your life together can be a transformative experience so you can work on creating a relationship that feels secure and happy.

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Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma is most everywhere we look in our society. That it be childhood experiences that we still carry in our nervous system, or events that occurred later in life, it is important for today’s therapists to be informed and trained in trauma therapy. This is also part of my work and I look to help heal clients who encounter this struggle.